“A foot in itself is a whole universe, a whole composition. You can’t say “I paint a foot like I’d paint a nose”. Rather, you paint a foot like you’d paint the entire face or the whole body. Feet and hands are the most challenging to paint.”


“As a tribute to Picasso’s sublime syntheses from 1912-1914, when he drew guitars and mandolins in his paintings, this character with this hand is a « hu-man ». His hand is hypertrophied as it is in our brain. The hand has made the human being… and one cannot help wondering whether the hand has made the brain too.”


“In all these faces that fit into each other, efficiency prevails. There is no need to draw an additional eye to understand that you look at an anthropomorphous creation. This is the short cut symbolism invites us to take.”


“I catch the everyday life of human beings, situations, attitudes, snapshots. People who laugh and who cry, people who are tired of all these…”


“I painted my first boats on the Singapore Pandas. The first time I went to Singapore, I headed for the discovery of a different world in the far reaches of the universe. I took myself for Christopher Columbus. This is also a nod in the direction of Mr Liew Mun Leong whom I admire and who welcomed me on this island.”


“I often depict women as a nativity scene, because only women can give life. I can’t stand the way women are reduced to mere sexual objects.”


“My Calvaries evoke the sufferings of a difficult, sometimes unbearable, everyday life. There are good people, bad people and all the other who see and hear, but do nothing…”


“Back to when I started: the anatomy, the body in all its positions and in all its glory, its structure and its harmony.”